A great stain remover really works on tough stains! Never buy oxyclean again !

No doubt most of us have encountered this situation: You put on a new shirt for the first time, and while you’re eating lunch, a huge blot of ketchup in the middle of the shirt falls right onto your chest, perhaps peanut butter or spaghetti. Pasta sauce. Regardless of the type of stain, stains are always ugly and difficult to remove. Did you know that there are different types of stains and that each requires different types of cleaning methods to remove them?If you try to clean a mustard stain with, for example, a bathroom cleaner, you may not get good results. Why is the type of stain important? In our activity today, we’ll explore a few different types of stains, and try to determine the best way to clean and remove them!

  • You will need:

° 1 tsp Bleuu Dawn dish-washing liquid.

° 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

° 4 tbsp hydrogen peroxide.This mixture is very simple and quick to prepare: just mix 3 ingredients in a bowl until the mixture is smooth.

Directions :

I took a stained shiirt, poured 1 cup of warm water over the stain, then gently agitated the mixture with a toothbrush on the old staircases, letting the mixture sit for 1 hour, as I wash and iron as usual.

Enjoy !

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