Would you like to know how to make a homemade recipe for Italian crusty bread with a soft, airy, open crumb and a fragrant crust, just as you would eat it if you were in Italy? For quick and simple homemade crusty bread, here is the basic bread dough.

All you need is a few basic spices, a mixing bowl, and a few hours of leavening. We’re going to teach you how to slice the dough into loaves and how to make them cook properly. The outcome will surprise you!


• 4 Cups.Of bread flour.

• 1+1/3 Cups.Of warm water.

• 1 Tbsp.Of brown sugar.

• 2+1/4 tsp.Of yeast.

• 1+1/2 tsp.Of salt.

• 1+1/2 tsp.Of olive oil.


• Step 1: In a mixing bowl, add warm water, yeast, and brown sugar. Stir and let stand until it starts to bubble and foam a little for a couple of minutes.

• Step 2: Incorporate olive oil and salt. Mix then eventually incorporate the flour. You ought to apply plenty of it to get the dough off the sides of the tub. You want to mix it for a couple of minutes with that dough hook.

Cover and allow the dough to rise for about 30 minutes until it has doubled.

Punch the dough and cut it into two and form two loaves.

• Step 3: Using a moist cloth to cover and let rise until doubled.

• Step 4: Set the oven’s temperature to 375°F.

• Step 5: Then beat together, an egg, and one tablespoon of water.

Step 6: Using the egg mixture, brush the raised loaves.

With a small knife, make a single long swift cut down the middle of the


• Step 7: Here’s the key now. In a shallow pan, put at least 1 cup of hot water and place it on the rack below the bread. The steam would perfectly make the crust shift.

Step 8: During cooking, you will need to add a little more water. You don’t want to make it evaporate.

• Step 9: When you tap them, bake for 25 to 30 minutes until the loaves turn golden brown and sound hollow.

• Step 10: Remove from the pan and let the racks cool. I still like to brush the hot crust with butter!

You’re going to have a crisp, delicious and moist home-made bread that stays soft for days, perfect even for freezing. Worthy of the most famous bakeries! ENJOY IT!!

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