Words can’t express the importance of this delicious dish in my life. As far back as I can recall, Beef Stew has been an essential part of my life. I make it on an average of once or twice a week, and the amazing thing is that it keeps. So, I make a whole batch then, I freeze it and put a portion of it in the microwave whenever I want.

This Delicious Beef Stew is rich and healthy and oh-so-tasty! It’s the kind of thing you eat on cold winter nights or when your husband or boyfriend is away because…it just keeps you warm and happy. So, yeah, its filling and you can eat as much as you want because its stew. It gets better with some warm yeasty rolls or bread or even rice, but let us keep those suggestions to myself and focus on this amazing, Delicious Beef Stew.

What do I like about this recipe?

It’s a great dish. It’s one of those things that I can’t even say “Oh! It’s a childhood recipe my mom used to make for me” even though it is, because it’s more than that. This Beef Stew is basically like…breathing. It’s such an essential part of who I am as a cook that I can’t even begin to describe it. But try I must for the purpose of this article.

The stew takes a few days to simmer, so it’s something that takes quite a bit of planning. A lot of thought has to go into it – at least the first time you try out the recipe – but after that, you can just go with the flow.

This Delicious Beef Stew has an estimated 333.7 calories, which you can cut down by tweaking the ingredients. However, you probably shouldn’t prepare this meal, if you’re on a vegan or vegetarian diet (I mean, it even says “beef” in the name).

Ingredients :

2 tbsps of olive oil.
2 pounds of cubed beef stew meat.
2 tbsps of all purpose flour.
4 cups of water.
2 cups of beef broth.
½ tsp of salt.
½ tsp of ground black pepper.
4 cups of cubed potatoes.
2 cups of chopped carrots.
1 tsp of dried rosemary.
1 cup of fresh corn kernels.
1 cup of fresh green beans cut into 1” pieces.
1 cup of chopped turnip (optional).
2 cups of chopped fresh tomatoes (optional).

Directions :

In a large pot, heat the oil and stir in the beef and flour until browned.

Pour in the water and broth and season with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 1 hour.

Mix in the potatoes, carrots and rosemary and simmer for 1 to 2 more hours.

Mix in the corn, green beans and simmer for 30 minutes.

Cooking tips that will help in weight loss

⦁ Go for lean meat

For this Delicious Beef Stew recipe, you will need actual beef. However, you can easily replace this with chicken or turkey, thus converting it to a Delicious Lean Meat Stew recipe. This will help cut down the calories.

⦁ Clean your vegetables properly

Cleaning your vegetables (like turnips), tomatoes and potatoes thoroughly will help you remove residues of pesticides which may make it more difficult for you to burn calories. The pesticides are pollutants that cause slow metabolism and hinder weight loss. Scrub these ingredients for about 30 seconds, in order to prevent this, and to see to it that any pesticides left on them are eliminated. Another great solution is to buy organic vegetables, tomatoes and potatoes instead as these do not contain pollutants in high concentration.

⦁ Keeping the fat

For a lot of people trying to lose weight, banishing ingredients in the recipe that have high calorie count or fat might seem like the right thing to do. However, this might not be the case. Fat actually takes more time to digest meaning you stay fuller for a longer period. These ingredients also add more flavor to the dish, thus promoting your level of satisfaction. Aside from helping you maintain your weight loss, it will increase the amount of nutrients you take in.

Having read gone through this recipe and tips to help with weight loss while preparing the dish, you should be well on your way to preparing and enjoying this Delicious Beef Stew.

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