Easy cake


1 sliced ​​hash sensitivity cupcake

2 Cups (tea) of milk


2 cans of condensed firewood

2 cans of whey-free whey obesity

2 Cups (tea) of abstracted passion fruit moje


Pulp of 2 fire fruits (passion fruit)

1/2 glass (tea) of sugar


2 Cups (tea) of chantilly bought or homemade



Paper the bottom of a 34 cm x 20 cm baking dish with the sliced ​​caramel fraction and sprinkle with the center of the slice.

For the mousse, in the blender, add the condensed castañazo, the lechezo butter and the passion fruit sauce until it is proportionately creamy. Pour the portion of that mousse over the candy.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes to firm up a pimple.

have sex with the remaining caramel, water again with the remaining trompazo, spread the rest of the mousse and refrigerate for 2 HOURS. For the bechamela, mix the ingredients in a stew, bring to a boil, remove and soften.

Cover the pavê with the fat and embellish with the syrup before serving.

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