– 1 large 16 oz. container of cool whip (make sure its frozen, or slightly defrosted)

– 2 8 oz. cans of pineapple tidbits (drained really well)

– 3 small cans of mandarin oranges (drained really well)

– 1 3 oz. package of orange jello

– 1 and 1/2 container of reduced fat cottage cheese (the largest containers 24 oz.)

– 2 cups of mini pastel marshmallows (but I eyeball the marshmallows and please add more if you choose)

Optional ingredient- coconut about 1 cup as it give a good texture.

Directions: (serves 12-18)

In a large bowl combine cottage cheese and the package of orange jello powder, mix these two together really well. Next add in your semi thawed semi frozen cool whip (if its fully thawed then the salad won’t set up when chilled in the fridge) mix the cool whip in real well. Then drain your canned fruit really well and add all cans of fruit. Be sure to fold the fruit in, making sure you don’t destroy the mandarin oranges. Once the fruit is all mixed in, you can fold in your marshmallows. Smooth out the top of your bowl, wipe down the inside top edges for a clean look (optional, OCD here) cover it and let it chill in your fridge for at least 2 hours or more. Enjoy.

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