How to Remove that Horrible Urine Smell from the Bathroom

First of all, you need to determine the reasons for the appearance. First of all, you must carefully inspect all pipes and sewage systems located under the toilet. If your apartment has a bathroom with a bathtub, check the pipes under the sink, the bathroom, and also the washing machine basin. All fasteners and connections must be completely sealed.

Otherwise, the sewage smell could come from there.

Other cause is weakness of ventilation system. The cause of poor work can be clogging or improper installation and the cause of unwanted air flow from sewage.

If the sewage and ventilation in the apartment are fine, then the cause of the smell is not enough for good cleaning and hygiene. Bad odor often causes urine residue on the toilet and the smell of tobacco.

++ Ways to get rid of the smell of urine and sewage

Using of modern disinfectant detergents

They clean the surface of the toilet well from rust, and they also kill many bacteria and germs.

Means containing acid. These chemicals completely remove old dirt from the production of hard limescale and urine stone, which is the main cause of unpleasant odors in the bathroom and can spread throughout the apartment.

+++ For cleaning the toilet, regular baking soda is suitable. Put soda on the toilet surface and leave it for some time, then use a brush to clean it thoroughly.

To get rid of unwanted odors, you can dissolve vinegar in hot water (1: 5) and wash the toilet well, especially the lid and the surface of the walls.

Sometimes you just need to clean the old toilet seat and replace it with a new one and the smell of urine disappears.

To continue a pleasant odour in bathroom, you can utilize about methods :

In the open container, put bars of soap or chopped scented coffee beans, and put them in the toilet. From time to time, the soap should be sprayed with water to enhance its flavor. Change the coffee beans every 3-4 days, and it will absorb unpleasant odors.

We hang a canvas bag of aromatic herbs and spices on the wall. This perfume should be changed once a week.

You can adding a some drops of your favourite essential oils to a small open plate of water. It will look great.

It must be remembered that often the appearance of unwanted odors, especially urine, in the toilet and apartment leads to early cleaning. Therefore, you necessity to monitor cleanness of the toilet and then you do not have to get rid of the unpleasant « odors « .

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