If you drink diet sodas, this is what actually happens to your body

Open a Coca-Cola, open up happiness ”, this is what the brand’s slogan promises. A moment of pleasure? In appearance perhaps. Consuming the world’s best-selling drink, 1.7 billion units per day, is not without consequences for the body. Explanation of what happens in your body after drinking Coke.

The effects of Coca-Cola on the body within an hour of consumption

10 minutes

In the first ten minutes, the body receives the equivalent of seven lumps of sugar, an amount that should naturally elicit such nausea that it would be difficult to drink a can without, at a minimum, feeling nauseous. However, this sensation is avoided by the addition of phosphoric acid, which gives soda its sour taste and masks the taste of sugar. Thus, extremely sweet, Coca-Cola dehydrates more than it quenches thirst.

20 minutes

The second effects of Coke occur about twenty minutes after absorption. There is a sudden increase in the level of sugar in the blood, which results in the runaway of the pancreas which then secretes insulin en masse and allows the transformation of sugars into fat, thus promoting the risk of diabetes and dementia. ‘obesity. Not bad for a small can.

3/4 of an hour

After three quarters of an hour after ingesting the refreshment, a large amount of caffeine has been completely assimilated by the body, we then observe an increase in the production of dopamine, a hormone that stimulates the pleasure center, which, doubled the “boost” effect generated by caffeine, provides a feeling of well-being. At the same time, blood pressure rises as the vessels dilate.

If Coke appeals to young and old alike, you should know that in a child weighing almost 30kg, consuming one can of Coke is equivalent to drinking four cups of coffee for an adult.

1 hour

After an hour, the blood sugar drops sharply, and the energy level plummets, causing fatigue and cravings.

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