Macaroni & cheese


° flour

° 1 glass of milk

° pepper

° salt

° nutmeg 100 g

° macaroni 1 nut

° butter 50 g

° of cheddar cheese


Stage 1 Cook the macaroni as indicated by the bundle bearings (NB: it’s better on the off chance that the pasta is ‘still somewhat firm’). Second STEP In the interim, make an exemplary béchamel sauce (dissolve the spread, add the flour, the milk, salt and pepper, add the nutmeg, and mix).

Stage 3 When the sauce is prepared, add the fine ground cheddar, and blend until it has totally softened and is very much integrated into the sauce.

Stage 4 Add to the pasta, it’s prepared!

Stage 5 You can likewise empty the pasta into a gratin dish, cover with sauce and sprinkle with 25 extra g of cheddar. For this situation, the dish should be left for 30 minutes in a broiler at 180 ° C.

Stage 6 Partake in your lunch !

Enjoy !

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