SOUTHERN FRIED CORNBREAD – 5-Ingredient Recipes You Can Make With Your Eyes Closed

Are you looking for something truly nifty to make for lunch or dinner? I know that I am almost on a daily basis. I like to keep my food fun and unique. Some folks eat the same thing every day of the week but I just can’t do that. That would be too monotonous for my family. A while back, I discovered this wonderful recipe for cornbread pan sandwiches. They are simply great!

You won’t believe how easy they are to make, especially if you are pressed for time. All you do is layer all of your ingredients into a greased pan, bake, and there you have it!

If you have picky little eaters like I do then this is a great lunch or dinner option for your family. Kids usually like ham and cheese and they always enjoy something sweet. The cornbread is a bit sweet so that is a plus. If your kids don’t like ham to swap it out for a lunchmeat that they do like such as turkey or chicken breast.

To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the following ingredients:
2/3 cup cornmeal
1/3 cup self rising flour
1/3 cup low fat buttermilk
1 large egg
oil for frying (I used about 3 tbsps coconut oil, but you can use whatever you like)

Combine first 4 ingredients together in a bowl, mixing well. Mixture should be very moist but not soupy. Heat oil in skillet and drop by spoonfuls into oil. Cook til brown on one side and flip (it cooks kind of like a pancake) to brown on the other side. Place on plate with paper towels and blot any excess oil.

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