Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

This recipe from Texas Sheet Cake Cookies is the most popular on my blog; These soft and moist biscuits are made using cake mix and then frosted with delicious, easy-to-cook chocolate frosting. You will receive all the tastes of classic Texas Sheet Cake in delicious biscuits. You don’t want to miss this special recipe for Texas Sheet Cake!

It’s a thin yet extra moist chocolate cake covered in delicious, handcrafted chocolate frosting. Not surprisingly, it became an institution in Texas.

Today, I made this cake into my favorite food!! Plus, I kept things simple by using cake mix as the base for the cookies. Using cake mix to create cookies is an excellent time-saving technique because it requires minimal ingredients and produces amazing results.

  • For the cookie dough, I used:
    ° Chocolate Mix Cake Box
    ° 2 large scrambled eggs.
    ° A third cup of vegetable oil.
    Frosting Ingredients:
    ° stick of butter.
    ° 2 tsp uns-weetened cocoa.
    ° 3 tablespoons of almond milk.
    ° 250 grams of powdered sugar.
  • The method of work:

The first step:
To begin preparation, you need to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
The second step:
Next, you will need a large mixing basin; Combine all biscuit ingredients and stir until completely combined.
The dough will be very thick.
The third step:
Next, ladle cookies onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet using a medium cookie scoop or a tablespoon full.
The fourth step:
Next, bake for about 8 minutes and then remove from the oven, then let them cool for 5 minutes on a cookie sheet before transferring to a cooling rack. Continue until the dough is fully cooked.
Fifth step:
Decoration cream:
In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the first three ingredients for the icing cream and stir until melted.
Sixth step:
Remove from heat and whisk in powdered sugar until smooth.
Seventh step:
Now, you’re going to spread the icing over the cookies, and of course, stir the excess garnish with a knife or spoon to make sure each cookie is completely coated.
Eighth step:
In this step, you need to allow the frosting to set before serving, and keep the Texas cake cookies at room temperature for up to 3 days in an airtight container.

Enjoy !

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