Best Tropical Fruit Salad is the only recipe you’ll ever need. My picky family devoured this fruit salad. The bandage is really charming. A mixture of citrus juices with honey is great in a fruit salad dressing. Then we added some special ingredients that give it a little oomph and a touch of zest to add a touch of delicacy.

  • Ingredients :

About pineapple:

° 1 pineapple

° 1 red apple

° 2 kiwis

° Lemon juice

° sugar

For grape fruits:

° 1 grapefruit

° 150g strawberries

° sugar

  • Instructions:

1- About pineapple:

Cut the pineapple in half lengthwise, starting with the leaves. Remove the fibrous core. Cut the meat starting from the sides, then run the knife under the meat, being careful not to puncture the bark. Gently press the empty sleeve to collect the juice.

In the peel, put a few slices of apple, kiwi and pineapple. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Sprinkle with sugar.

2- For grapefruit:

2 pieces of grapefruit. Take the meat with a grapefruit spoon (or knife). Scrape off half of the grapefruit peel to remove the films (small white peel).

In a grapefruit peel, put strawberry pieces and grapefruit pieces. You can add mint leaves. Sweeten up a little.

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