Nothing is more irritating than a freshly washed glass shower where you can see large rag or fingerprints. These traces that, like it or not, catch the eye when we go through the bathroom. We therefore present you ten tips to make your glass shower as clean as it was on the first day.

1) ShowerGuard Glass – Using an ion spray process that protects the glass from corrosion and aging, ShowerGuard glass effectively retains its shine for many years.

2) White Vinegar & Salt – In order to see your doors shine, all you need to do is have vinegar and salt on hand. You will need to use four cups of hot water, a handful of salt and a cup of white vinegar. Mix everything together and use the mixture to clean the shower panes with a soft cloth or microfibers.

3) Household alcohol – Just spray on household alcohol or wet a cloth and then thoroughly clean the shower panes.

4) Blanc de Meudon – Blanc de Meudon is made from chalk. Mix the Meudon white with a little water and vinegar to then clean the shower window. Remember to rinse well at the end to finish cleaning the shower glass.

5) Lemon – There are two ways you can use lemon to clean the glass in the shower and its tiles. The first is to cut a lemon in half. Then you just have to rub the glass with the lemon half. Then take a cloth soaked in water to continue cleaning and finally dry with a soft cloth. The second way is to make a mixture of water and lemon juice and spray it on the windows. Rub with a sponge and dry with a dry cloth.

6) Newsprint – First, make a mixture of water and vinegar. Then take the newspaper and roll it into a ball. Wet the paper balls with the liquid and rub them on the shower panes. It is also a good solution for loosening lime stains.

7) Acetone – You can use a cloth or just a sponge soaked in acetone. However, it is important to ventilate the bathroom during and after the cleaning operation.

8) Dish Soap – Simply apply the soap directly to the glass for a good clean that will leave the windows sparkling clean.

9) Shower squeegee – It is very important to wash and dry the shower glass well to prevent water and lime stains from forming on the glass. Getting a squeegee is the best way to get water off a window after showering.

10) Vinegar & Lemon – To make the water and lemon mixture even more effective, heat it before using.

11) Repel Water Streak with Rain-X – Rain-X isn’t only for car windows! After clean your shower practice to doors to repel future water stains !

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