15 surprising ways to use Coca-Cola

If you still thought Coca-Cola was just a refreshing drink, this advice is for you. Here are 15 clever uses of Coca-Cola that very few people know about but are very helpful. As a remover, to clean tin foil or as a detergent … Here are 15 reasons to use cola for home maintenance and cleaning more than quenching your thirst. After seeing that, you don’t want to drink it …

  1. Against grease stains on clothes As surprising as it may sound, Coca-Cola is a powerful cleanser to get rid of nasty grease stains. Grease on clothes.
  2. To cleanning your bumper is great, right ? coke is a miracle stripper.
  3. Against mosquitoes in 30 seconds I created a very effective mosquito and fly trap.
  4. Agaiinst jelly- fish We genetically recommend pouring vinegar over a fish jelly sting. It’s often easiest to find cookies and vinegar on the beach.
  5. To loosen the rusted bolt, the screw and the nut together? No need for force. Easily disassemble it with Coca-Cola.
  6. For cleaning toilets Yes, coke is good for your toilets. Find out why we recommend flushing the cola in the toilet.
  7. To soothe a headache, hangover … a glass coke can be good for you. One time is rare while it is advisable to dry the cookies.
  8. Get rid of the rodent mice with coke.
  9. To make copper shine your copper tools have lost their luster over the years? I salute her shine with a microfiber cloth and coke, it’s instant.
  10. To take back a burnt frying pan or saucepan, no more frying pans or pans that get stuck and that you no longer want to cook in.
  11. Against blood stains Coca-Cola is a great stain remover before washing. It will get rid of the toughest blood stains. See advice here.
  12. To strip the chrome flat in 10 seconds, you will strip the rust and your chrome will be shiny and new.
  13. To cleanning wind shield have you been on road ? Cola removing dirty & insects in blink of an eye.
  14. To aid digestion, cola can dissolve foods that your stomach has difficulty digesting on its own. So if it doesn’t pass, the drink won’t hurt (only 1).
  15. To strip your iron tools, Coca-Cola is very corrosive. We prove it with this trick. Soak a rusty applicator in Coca-Cola for 24 hours and enjoy the result!

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