5+ natural ways to freshen any room

There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying the beauty of the scent of your home in the summer using natural materials. Industrial air fresheners may contain chemicals harmful to the respiratory system and the environment as well. Therefore, it is preferable to resort to good ventilation and natural ways to perfume the house in the summer, such as using plants, essential oils and aromas.

Here are 3 natural recipes to improve the smell of your home in the summer and give it a fresh and comfortable atmosphere, and tips to get rid of unwanted home odors.

Natural recipes for perfuming the house in the summer

++ Cinnamon, orange and cloves aroma: you will need 2 orange peel, 2 cinnamon sticks, and 5 cloves. Put the ingredients in a bowl of an appropriate amount of water, and leave them on the stove until it boils. Cool down the heat completely after boiling and leave it to heat, so that the smell can spread in the house for the longest time possible. Alternatively, put the boiled mixture over an aroma or a table sprinkler to continue spreading the scent throughout the day.

++ Essential oils: Use essential oils and take advantage of their medicinal and therapeutic benefits and anti-microbial properties. Among the natural essential oils that are always available are orange, lemon, grapefruit, vanilla, cinnamon, mint and lavender oils. Put it in a scent and a candle under it, or put drops of it in some boiling water, and you can put it with some boiling water in a spray and spray it at home and on furniture. Create a scented gel using your favorite essential oils using gelatin, just dissolve 4 tablespoons of gelatin in a cup of hot water, then add a cup of cold water and one tablespoon of salt to prevent the gelatin from sticking, a little food color, and 20 drops of essential oil . Make sure to mix the ingredients well, then put the mixture in a glass jar, and put it in the bathroom or wherever you prefer. Basil and green mint: Some green basil and mint leaves can also be boiled to fill the scent of the place, use fresh leaves and put them in an open place with good ventilation to spread their scent throughout the house….

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