Heal a bruise using ingredients in your kitchen

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Heal a bruise using ingredients in your kitchen

Many of us get bruises that seem painful and have an unattractive appearance, whether they are pink, blue, or yellow, and the bruises occur as a result of an injury that damages small blood vessels under the skin, the skin escapes from these damaged vessels under the skin and leaves a red or purple mark and within a day or two the blood turns To the blue color and the skin appears black-purple, and fortunately most of the bruises heal completely within two weeks of the injury, but you can speed up the healing process by using many home remedies that help reduce the swelling, pain and appearance of the bruise, and in this article we offer you some treatments Effective home remedies for bruises.

1- Treating bruises with ice:

One of the fastest methods that you can use to treat bruises is to place an ice pack on the skin as soon as the injury occurs, as the ice works to narrow the blood vessels, which reduces the amount of blood trapped under the skin.

2- Exposure to sunlight to treat bruises:

The ultraviolet rays of the sun help treat injuries and bruises and break down bilirubin, which is a pigment in the blood that causes yellowish bruises.

3- Treating bruises with aloe vera gel:

Aloe vera helps reduce pain and swelling and also reduces bruising. Immediately after the injury, put a teaspoon of aloe vera gel on the affected area and then massage it gently on the skin. Repeat this treatment several times a day until the bruise disappears.

4 – Onions are great for treating bruises:

Onions contain quercetin, which is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant flavonoid.

You should consult your doctor before taking quercetin supplements.

5- Lemon and treatment for bruises:

Lemon contains good amounts of vitamin C, and vitamin C helps in wound healing as it increases the thickness of blood vessels and treats internal bleeding.

Apply chunks of lemon to the bruise and hold it for as long as possible to speed up the healing process.

6- Treating bruises with vitamin K cream:

Vitamin K is necessary to maintain healthy skin, bones and blood. You can eat foods rich in Vitamin K, which include leafy greens, leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables and fermented soybeans.

7- turmeric and treatment for bruises:

Turmeric is the best natural remedy for wounds and injuries.

To treat bruises: Mix turmeric powder in a cup of warm milk and drink the mixture every morning, and it is best to drink it on an empty stomach and it will help heal the affected area within a few days.

8- cayenne pepper for bruising:

Cayenne pepper contains the compound capsaicin, which works as a natural pain reliever and works by reducing the chemical in the body that carries pain messages to the brain.

To use cayenne pepper to treat pain and bruises, mix 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder with 5 tablespoons of coconut oil, heat the paste until it melts and mix well and leave it to cool down, then apply it to the affected areas several times a day.

Adorable Baby Zebra Is Born With Polka Dots Instead Of Stripes

With their signature black and white stripes, Zebras stand out in the grasslands of Africa. We even have road crossings named after their stripes. The stripes are a major identifier when it comes to zebras. But recently, a zebra foal was found in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve with polka dots on its mane instead of stripes. If the mesmerizing stripes are what sets zebras apart, the foal, with the dots instead of stripes, is the most unique of them all. The baby zebra was photographed by nature photographer Frank Liu who spotted it among the herd, clearly standing out.

Liu was on the lookout for rhinos to photograph in the savannah grassland when he chanced upon this special zebra. “At first glance, he looked like a different species altogether,” Liu told National Geographic. The pictures he has taken of the foal have since gone viral. The foal has been named Tira, after Antony Tira, a Maasai guide as well as photographer, who was the first one to spot the foal. Tira is the first zebra in Maasai Mara to be observed with the differential coloration but a few such foals have already been seen in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. 

Ren Larison, a biologist studying the evolution of zebra stripes at the University of California, Los Angeles, has stated that the foal has a condition called pseudomelanism. This is a rare genetic mutation in which animals display some sort of abnormality in their stripe pattern. Parmale Lemein, a wildlife specialist from the Matira Bush Camp has said that the baby zebra has melanism, which is the opposite of albinism. Bored Panda reported that as adorable as the baby zebra looks, Lemein has some terrible news. No zebras with such a condition have been able to survive past six months in African parks.

Zebras have stripes for a very specific purpose. The distinct pattern not only acts as a camouflage, but it is also a bug repellant, and is a built-in temperature regulation system, reported Mental Floss. The zebras have evolved in this way to be able to survive in their natural habitat. Without the stripes and the benefits they have, Tira has a lower chance of survival. That is why we have never actually seen a pseudomelanistic zebra adult. But for now, the foal seems to be doing well enough and has been accepted by his herd who are sticking by his side. Larison has offered a positive perspective to the foal’s condition when she stated, “Research on other species has shown that, while it is harder for a predator to target an individual in a group, it is easier if an individual is different.”  

“I do not know the origin of the term pseudo-melanism, but I think it is fair to say that is a popular and undefined term, used to refer to very rare animals that exhibit an apparent abnormality in the stripe pattern process such that light stripes are excluded from much of the trunk and back, but are more common on the extremities”, geneticist Greg Barsh, a faculty investigator at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and a Professor Emeritus at Stanford University told Forbes. He added, “This animal is different from most others that have been described as pseudo-melanistic. [I]t is probably better described as ‘spotted’ or ‘partially spotted’.”

source: edu.thinking-minds.net

No Scrubbing Needed With This Homemade Tub Cleaner

Household chemicals can be replaced with folk remedies. Of course, they will not deal with old dirt, and in order to return the bathroom to its original whiteness, you will have to work hard with a sponge. But exactly simple methods that are preferred by many people who do not want to use modern chemistry (the reasons may be health care, allergies in the home, small children, saving money). Also, these cleaning agents do not damage the enamel coating of cast iron and steel baths, thus extending their service life.

Soda. This is an excellent and undeservedly forgotten tool for cleaning almost any dirt, except limestone. It removes grease and yellowness and perfectly removes an unpleasant odor … This material is very cheap and safe for family health. At home with soda? It can simply be applied to the surface with a sponge, or you can use the following recipe. Baking soda is mixed with soda ash in a ratio of 1: 1. The bath is wet and the composition is applied for 20-30 minutes. Then the surface should be cleaned with a sponge dipped in table vinegar without rinsing out the soda. After half an hour, rub the surface well with the resulting mixture and rinse with warm water.

vinegar. Table vinegar (9%) does a good job at removing dirt and rust. It will take some time to clean the surface. Soak the paper towels or paper towels in the vinegar solution and cover the entire surface of the sink. Leave it on for 3-5 hours. Then remove the paper and rinse the sink with water. Most likely, it will turn out to whiten the surface in several tones.

Citric acid … The citric acid solutions will remove the rust and limescale. Apply it like this. Dissolve two tablespoons of citric acid in half a liter of hot water … Using a sponge, put the solution on the surface of the bath and incubate for half an hour. Then wash it with water.

Mustard powder … it is made into a paste that is used to clean contaminated areas of enamel.
For lazy people, there are simpler recipes. Water is taken in the bath and dissolve in it a liter and a half of vinegar or 100 grams of citric acid. Leave it on overnight, strain the water in the morning and rinse the bath with water.

Put This In Your Mouth and That Frustrating Toothache Will Disappear in A Few Seconds

There are some of the factors that may cause additional damage of the nerve.Here are some of them:

  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth loss
  • Broken teeth
  • Plaque
  • Gum inflammation
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issue
  • Bad application of fillings or crowns
  • Cross-contamination

This agony can be truly discomforting, and affects everyday life. Sufferers cannot sleep, eat, speak, etc.If you are often bothered with a nasty toothache, you better consult your dentist. However, sometimes you are just unable to go to your dentist and get your teeth in order.And what happens if pain strikes at weekends? A total disaster. These are the times you should try a few natural solutions and achieve a temporary relief.Here is the most common home remedy for toothache:


  • ½ tsp. clove powder
  • ½ coconut oil


The garlic clove powder contains eugenol. It is a chemical compound that relieves pain. Coconut oil provides numerous antimicrobial benefits.


  • Get a glass container.
  • Combine both ingredients into a paste.
  • Run it onto the aching tooth. Use your brush for easier application.
  • For optimal results, repeat the procedure three times a day.

Put Apple Cider Vinegar on Your Face And See What Happens to Toxins, Eczema and Age Spots

He suffers from many problems related to the digestive system and its functions, such as the intestine, chronic constipation, colitis, or irritable bowel, and “colon” has a major role in eliminating waste and cleansing the body with toxins that pose a health risk.

In order to improve the efficiency and functions of the colon, the body always needs to cleanse it of toxins and dangerous chemicals. The site “.justhealthy” published an important report on an easy natural drink that has a wonderful effect on cleansing the colon.

You should always pay attention when cleansing the colon to stay at home because you will need to go to the bathroom a lot to get rid of toxins, and the drink consists of basic natural substances, including sea salt, lemon, apple and ginger.

Several studies have confirmed that consuming an apple daily greatly reduces the need to take medications, while ginger acts as a natural stimulant for the colon and thus reduces stomach bloating and helps get rid of waste.

Also, lemon and what it contains of vitamin C is considered a powerful antioxidant, as well as one of the best fluids to get rid of toxins in the body, and salt helps digestion, expels waste from the body and removes toxins.

All you need is just 5 minutes to make this colon cleanse:

++ the ingredients :

° Two tablespoons of lemon juice.

° Half a teaspoon salt.

° 1 teaspoon ginger juice

° Half a cup of pure apple juice.

° Half a cup of warm water.

++How to prepare :

Put the water on the stove until it reaches a temperature of heating, and do not leave it until it boils, then add salt to it, and stir well, then add ginger, lemon and apple juice and stir well again, put it in a bottle, and take it immediately.


In the beginning you have to drink this drink 3 times a day before breakfast in the morning on an empty stomach, again before lunch, and the third time in the evening, but you have to make sure to drink a large amount of water throughout the day at least 8 cups of water per day, and this is within the treatment, and it is preferable to drink a lot Water in the morning until midday rather than at night, so that you do not have to go to the bathroom at night.

Jamie Oliver shares heartbreak as parents confirm big family news

A huge part of the celeb chef’s childhood has now come to an end.
Famous English chef, Jamie Oliver, has experienced a big blow as his parents, Trevor and Sally have chosen to sell off their family owned business.

In the past, the friendly cook has admitted that his parents’ Essex pub, the Cricketers in Clavering, helped ignite “his passion for food” as a young lad.

Now, almost 45 years after purchasing the establishment, the couple revealed they aim to retire as they sold their landmark inn – to Chestnut group, a group of pubs, inns and restaurants across the Eastern area of England.

Speaking to The Caterer, Trevor explained: “We have had an amazing time running the inn, which has been our home for the last 44 years. We brought up our children, trained and supported hundreds of staff in the hospitality sector and made many friends for life.

“But with a great team and strong support from our loyal customers in place we felt it was the right time to move on.”

He continued: “So, we have taken the decision to hand over the keys to Chestnut and look forward to seeing the next phase in the life of the Cricketers from the other side of the bar.”

According to The Sun, Jamie previously said of the pub: “I remember being fascinated by what went on in the kitchen. It just seemed such a cool place, everyone working together to make this lovely stuff and having a laugh doing it.”

The newspaper also reports that friends of Jamie have confirmed the culiary great was beyond “gutted” by the move.

“He agrees it’s time for Trevor and Sally to move on, but that doesn’t make it any easier for him to stomach,” a source said.

“The Cricketers is where he discovered his love of cooking and the kitchen, and he has very fond memories of it.”

Although it’s understandable that Jamie may be sad about the business decision – the founder of Chestnut group, Philip Turner, reassured The Caterer that the company did not have any plans to make “significant changes” to the popular pub.

“We are delighted to have acquired the Cricketers, an inn we’ve wanted to add to our growing collection for some time,” Philip explained.

“The way the business is managed – with a strong emphasis on good quality food with accommodation – makes it a perfect fit for our collection.

“We will focus on maintaining its well-deserved reputation. We do however look forward to getting to know the team and guests and building on all the hard work and energy Trevor and Sally have put into the business over the years.”

50 Healthy snack ideas That I Used to Lose 20 Pounds

So how does the counting system work? Well, foods higher in saturated fat and/or sugar have higher SmartPoints values, while foods lower in calories and higher in protein have fewer points. Whether you’re counting your daily points or simply looking for light and healthy SNACKS that won’t add inches to your waistline, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve grouped together a list of +50 delicious Weight Watchers snacks that clock in at just 2 SmartPoints or less.


Dannon Activia light nonfat yogurt, strawberry (1 container)

Pop Secret Kettle corn popcorn (1 cup)

One-half cup sliced or baby carrots and 2 tablespoons hummus

hard-boiled egg (1)

Wheat thins whole grain crackers (8)

Sensible portions garden veggie straws with sea salt (22 straws)

Pistachios, in shells (22)

Carrots with 2 Tbsp. reduced fat ranch dressing

Sargento Light Mozzarella Cheese stick wrapped in 2 oz. sliced turkey

Tri-color pepper strips, 9 baked low-fat tortilla chips and fat-free salsa

1 scrambled egg with fat-free salsa

1 pear, 1 Weight Watcher string cheese and 7 almonds

Thick sliced carrots dipped in 3 Tbsp. guacamole

3 cups light microwave popcorn

Goldfish snack crackers, baked cheddar (30 pieces)

Fit & Active rice cakes (8 mini cakes)

Crispix cereal, dry ( 1/2 cup)

Butterball turkey bacon (5 slices)

Dannon Activia light nonfat yogurt, strawberry (1 container)

Pop Secret Kettle corn popcorn (1 cup)

One-half cup sliced or baby carrots and 2 tablespoons hummushard-boiled egg (1)
Wheat thins whole grain crackers (8 Sensible portions garden veggie straws with sea salt (22 straws)

Pistachios, in shells (22)

Carrots with 2 Tbsp. reduced fat ranch dressing

Sargento Light Mozzarella Cheese stick wrapped in 2 oz. sliced turkey

Tri-color pepper strips, 9 baked low-fat tortilla chips and fat-free salsa

1 scrambled egg with fat-free salsa

1 pear, 1 Weight Watcher string cheese and 7 almonds

Thick sliced carrots dipped in 3 Tbsp. guacamole

3 cups light microwave popcorn

Goldfish snack crackers, baked cheddar (30 pieces)

Fit & Active rice cakes (8 mini cakes)

Crispix cereal, dry ( 1/2 cup)

Butterball turkey bacon (5 slices)

Load up on as many of these as you can!














Sweet red peppers






1 Weight watchers Smart Points Snacks List:

Almonds (7)

Rold Gold Pretzel sticks (20)

One-half cup nonfat cottage cheese and a piece of fruit

A medium apple or pear with 1 stick of Sargento Light mozzarella string cheese

Mini Baybel Light semisoft cheese (1) and fruit

One Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb wedge spread on cucumber slices

3 slices white meat turkey rolled in 3 lettuce leaves

Butter flavored popcorn (1 cup)

grapes and 1 oz. low-fat cubed Swiss cheese

1 /4 cup light vanilla yogurt and blueberries

1 Tbsp. low-fat cream cheese in 4 small pieces celery drizzled with hot sauce

1/4 c. fat-free black bean dip with fresh veges

1 pretzel rod

Boca Original vegan veggie burger (1 burger)

Old Wisconsin Snack sticks, turkey sausage (1 stick)

A bowl of blueberries and 2 Tbsp. lite whipped topping….oh my! So good!