Christmas Ritz Cracker Cookies

3 sleeves Ritz Crackers
1 c creamy peanut butter
15-20 oz dark chocolate melting wafers

Step 1: Line the cookie sheet with wax paper.

Step 2: Spread the peanut butter with a knife between 2 Ritz Crackers. Put them together to make a sandwich.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 to the rest of the Ritz Crackers and peanut butter.

Step 4: Place the sandwiches onto the prepared cookie sheet.

Step 5: Refer to the directions provided on the package of the chocolate on how to melt it.

Step 6: Dip the cracker sandwiches into the melted chocolate and shake off any excess.

Step 7: Put the crackers sandwiches back to the prepared cookie sheet and allow them to dry.

Step 8: Place the cracker sandwiches inside the freezer to chill for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 9: Remove from the freezer

Step 10: Serve and enjoy!

Place leftover cracker sandwiches in an airtight container. Feel free to melt the chocolate using a double broiler placed on the stove. You can also melt it inside the microwave.

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