Hash brown casserole

Wooow, 5 stars casserole of hash browns !! I served it for my guests on breakfast and they loved it !! The best thing about this recipe is its versatility..a winner !!


° McCain® Breakfast Diced Hash Browns: 2 cups

° Ham: 1 cup (should be cut lengthwise and crosswise into 1.5-cm (0.5-inch) strips)

° Apple: 1 (cut into small pieces)

° Onion: 1 medium (halved and thinly sliced)

° Eggs: 2 large

° Heavy cream: 1 cup

° Salt and freshly ground pepper

° Gruyere cheese: 1 cup, about 4 ounces (grated)

° All-purpose flour: 1/8 cup

° Green onions: 2 (chopped)


  1. As usual, I set the temperature of my oven to 230 ° C (450 ° F) before starting.
  2. And please butter, lightly, an 8-inch (20.5-cm) baking dish and set aside.
  3. Saute McCain’s Diced Hash Browns in a preheated two small skillet over medium-high heat according to package directions. Immediately remove from heat; put aside.
  4. Add the ham in another skillet for 3 to 4 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the pieces start to brown. Add onion and apple pieces for 5 to 6 minutes, stirring occasionally, until onion is lightly browned. When finished, transfer the mixture to a plate and permit cooled slightly.
  5. Then you’re going to get a large bowl and whisk in together eggs, cream, all-purpose flour, 1/4 tspn salt and 1/8 tspn ground black pepper. You’ll want to add 3/4 of the Gruyere cheese and the cooked mixture of McCain® diced hash browns, onion and apples, mixing well.
  6. The prerparation needs to be placeed in the baking dish and garnished with the remaining cheese at this stage.
  7. Alright now, cook uncovered for 25 minutes.
  8. Make sure to remove foil and cook until top is golden brown, it takes around 15 minutes more.
  9. The last step is to remove from oven, garnish with chopped green onions. Immediately serve & ENJOY !!

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