These Buckeye Brownie cookies combine the best of both worlds … brownies and baki! If you love blackies, but don’t like spending time dipping them in chocolate, you’ll love this easy cookie recipe!

You see, we’re still obsessed with peanut butter and chocolate. Let me tell you, I’m never going to fall in love with this perfect duo, so you can always watch a new recipe.

I’m sure many of you share this same love – I wouldn’t be surprised. Many people who claim to dislike peanut butter and chocolate will find themselves eating one of these great cookies.

Who likes blackies, brownies and biscuits? I know I do. The chocolate fudge flavor of the brownies is one of my favorite desserts.

Well, I have a lot of my favorites. So turning it into a large, rich and sticky cookie with the peanut butter surprises inside is crucial to me. Buckeye Brownie Cookies. What more could I ask for?

The simple brownie dough is made using a packed brownie mix, melted butter, eggs and soft cream cheese. I love that it uses a boxed brownie blend! very easy!

You will need to make sure the butter is very soft, if not melted a little, so that it blends easily into the cake batter. Butter will be very sticky!

  • Ingredients:

° I used: 1/2 cup cocoa powder.

° 1 + 1/3 c – sifted flour.

° 1g white sugar

° 1/2 c soft butter.

° 1/3 C of chocolate nibs.

° an egg.

° 2 teaspoons vanilla

° 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

° 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

° 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • Instructions:

The oven should be preheated at 175 ° C.

Step 1 – Cover the biscuit tray with parchment paper.

Step 2 – In an electric mixer, mix the cocoa powder with sugar, butter and oil.

Step 3 – Insert the eggs and vanilla, and blend until smooth.

Step 4 – Mix together the flour, bakery, and salt powder. Put the mixture on the mixture of milk, butter, sugar and cocoa and mix until it is combined.

Step 5 – Adding Chocolate chips.

Step 6- Making medium sized batter balls and placing on a scattered tray.

Step 7 – In oven about at least 13 min, place plate.

Step 8 – Taking tray from oven and serving hot.

Enjoy !

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