I love the classic coconut macarons, but this salted caramel toffee coconut macarons are my absolute favorite. I know that’s kind of a chock full title, but I promise you’ll want a dose of this spoiled pasta in your mouth. The combination of salted caramel and toffee is unreal. Take the classic coconut macaroon to a whole new level.

And not only did I stop there, I also dipped the bottoms in the chocolate. Macarons Salted Caramel Toffee Coconut, Where have I been all my life? I love you!

The best coconut macarons you will ever eat !

Let’s talk about the difference between macaron and macron so that there is no confusion. Macarons are made from coconut, and macarons are a soft, meringue-based French biscuit. Felines are sandwich cookies and come in a variety of colors. The cookies are both delicious, in my opinion, but they are very different. The desserts we’re talking about today are coconut cakes and are a lot easier to make than macarons, which can be a little tricky.

To make this magical coconut macaron dessert, you need salted caramel sauce. I promise our recipe is easy to prepare so don’t start sweating. do it. It is the best salted caramel recipe. But if you have to cheat and use the store you bought, that’s okay too 🙂

This traditional coconut macaron recipe uses all of the sweetened condensed milk. For this pasta, I used half sweetened condensed milk and half salted caramel sauce. Best decision ever. I also added toffee pieces because I love caramel and toffee together.

  • What do you need to make this recipe :

° Milk : 3 tsps

° Salted Butter: 6 tsps

° Caramel: 11 oz bag

° Sweetened Coconut: 5-6 cups

° Chocolate: 5 ounces

° salt

  • Directions :

Firstly, adding milk, butter also caramel to a big pot and putting it on a heat. And please dissolve everything together and stir often so that the mixture does not boil.

Now that the caramel is melted and is smooth, make sure to add the coconut, starting with 4 cups and mix them together to coconut is golden wiith caramel . You need to adding more coconut as needed so that coconut is well covering, it is serious that it is not “wet.”

Once it’s done, scoop out about 1 1/2 tablespoon of the mixture on parchment paper.

Let it cool completely.

Immediately choose a small bowl and melt the chocolate according to the instructions on the package.

You can dip bottoms of every macaroon to chocolate, also returning to parchment paper to dry. After that, spread it with some extra chocolate and sea salt powder.

To finish, allow the cookies to freeze completely, then serve

Enjoy !

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