No More Bathtub Scrubbing ! Here’s How

No one can deny how comforting it feels like when relaxing in the bathtub after spending a long, hard day. The bad news is that it’s very annoying when you find out it’s dirty and rust. Luckily, we’ll show you in this article some of the best ways to make your bathtub always clean with the least effort.

To start with :

Getting a spray and apply a little food vinegar can do wonders to help dissolve the dirt and rust in the bathtub.

Make sure you spray vinegar all over your bathtub, and applicated more to dirty areas. And please let vinegar in bathtub for 15 minutes, so it reacts with dirty .

You’re going to get a sponge, being sure it feels soft, so you don’t claw it.

You’ll want to wipe vinegar off with sponge well. To ensure tub is clean, you may want to reiterate this process more than time. Finally, wash bathtub fully with water until trace of vinegar is removed totaly. End result is a clean bathtub also a refreshing bath .

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