Original Mom’s Super Laundry Sauce Laundry Soap Recipe

Here’s a surprisingly simple detergent that leaves no residue on clothes, gets rid of almost every stain a human knows the first time and smells clean and fresh, and I mentioned it cost about $ 1.76 for 128 loads of laundry?

Ever since our teenage son started working at a fast food restaurant, this has become our favorite detergent recipe. His clothes were so saturated with heavy french fries and the smell of onion ring grease that washing them at Tide did not remove the stench.

I whipped a half gallon of this detergent and washed his clothes while he was at school – he thought I got a new shirt from his boss! The first time he’s completely removed the smell from his clothes, without further ado – here’s this super laundry sauce recipe!

By the way, a tablespoon of soap washes a full load! As with all household recipes / soaps / detergents / cleansers, please take the time to read the full recipe before starting. It will save you a lot of hassle with an improperly prepared recipe.

Before you start – check your NO COOK version here :

Momís Super laundry sauce recipe

Adapted from Wash & Whisk Center

~ This makes 1/2 gallon of concentrate ~

~ By the way, that’s 128 full loads of laundry !! ~

+1 Fels Napa Bar (yeah, the whole pub!)

+1 cup 20 mule Timorex

+1 cup washing soda for arm and hammer (without baking soda !!)

+4 cups of hot water

Here’s what the ingredients look like:

Quick note:

Follow the directions carefully, adding the ingredients at the wrong time will result in a granular detergent that does not dissolve well in the washer.

Step 1:

Put 4 cups of water in a large heavy saucepan over a high heat. While heating, mix borax and washing soda together in a bowl, mix well and set aside.

Step 2:

Grate the plant – the easiest way to do this is to cut it into several smaller pieces and then run it in a food processor – otherwise you can grate it with a hand grater or shave it with a knife.

Step 3:

Add fresh, grated soap to the water in the saucepan, stirring almost constantly. Reduce the heat to medium, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes for the phyllos to dissolve. If it takes longer, your temperature will not be high enough. Alternatively, you can melt the ice on the stove over a low heat without water, then add the water while stirring as called for in the original recipe. I find it much easier to dissolve in water. Definitely don’t let this boil, or you’ll have a foamy mess that you don’t want to deal with !!

It should be rolled and boiled as it should be stirred frequently but not too thick or it looks like it is “creeping” into the pot. Look at the image below – note the amount of foam – that’s all you have to see.

The fourth step:

Once the phyllos naphtha is completely dissolved, remove the saucepan from the stove and add borax and washing soda, stirring constantly until the powders are completely dissolved. This must take about 4-6 min . Do not stir well, or the soap will be very grainy, not too soft. (You can draw “beans” to the bottom of the pan, and once you can’t feel them, they’re all integrated!)

Fifth step:

Pour the liquid evenly into (2) 1 liter Mason jars.

The Sixth Step:

Add enough water to bring the contents to the “shoulders” or the round portion of the jar, leaving about 1 1/2 inch of headspace.

The Eighth Step:

There are two ways to proceed with this next step, depending on the equipment you have. Here’s how I like to do it – unscrew the blade and the bottom of your blender and then roll it into a regular Mason bowl that holds all of your ingredients.

Put the jar all over the blender and mix until smooth and creamy, about a minute. Go back and unscrew the blender blade and install the cap and seal.

If you don’t have jars or a blender, pour the contents of the jar into a large bowl, making sure to scrape off any residue from the jar to get everything. Using a hand mixer, blend the ingredients until light, fluffy, and well blended. Transfer the ingredients to a jar, cover and store until needed. If desired, add 1 teaspoon of glycerin to each bowl.

Step 9:

To use, add 1 tablespoon to the amount of laundry in any type of washing machine, conventional, front loader, high capacity and high efficiency (HE), etc. Do not add detergent to the “detergent chamber” but instead directly with dirty clothes. The detergent is soft and creamy, with the same consistency and the shape of mayonnaise.

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