Strawberry butter cookies

For the cookie dough
• 1 mug adulation softened see note 1
• ½ mug of sugar
• 2 mugs cutlet/ all- purpose flour see note 2
• For the jam filling
• ¾ mug jam use as is or cake with ½ Tablespoon sludge flour if preferred.
For the buttercream
• ¾ mug adulation
• 1 ½ mugs pulverized sugar
• ½ tablespoon vanilla excerpt( voluntary)

Make the dough

Beat the adulation and sugar for about 3 to 5 twinkles until pale, light, and ethereal see note 4. Sift the flour into the beaten adulation admixture and blend gently to combine forming a soft dough.

Divide the dough and roll it out. Divide dough in half, form each half into a fragment and place each between 2 large wastes of diploma paper or wax paper.
Use a rolling leg to roll each piece of dough to3/16″ inch( 5 mm) consistence. see note 5
Refrigerate for 30 twinkles

Place dough wastes on a baking distance or cutting board and transfer them to the refrigerator to bite for 30 twinkles.
Remove the dough from the refrigerator and cut with a cookie knife
Peel down the top subcaste of diploma paper from your dough. Dust and irk smoothly with flour.
Use a 2″ round cookie knife to cut out eyefuls.( This is going to be the nethermost part of the cookie)
With a lower round cookie knife or pipeline, snoot cut a window out of half the shapes.( This is going to serve as the top part of the cookie

Place the cutout shapes onto a baking distance and singe for 12 to 15 twinkles in a preheated roaster of 320 °F( 160 °C) until golden brown. See note 6
Cool and ram the eyefuls
Fill a pipeline bag or disposable plastic lunch bag with buttercream. crop the tip of the bag to allow the frosting to flow freely. Be conservative with how large you produce the hole grounded on how you ’d like to pipe out your frosting.
Pipe the buttercream along the external edge of the nethermost part of the eyefuls.
Take the top part of the cookie( those with the cut- eschewal center) and place it over the piped buttercream. Press smoothly and gently to ram the eyefuls.
Fill another pipeline bag or disposable plastic lunch bag with the jam. crop the tip of the bag. Pipe the jam to fill in the center of the cookie.
Sprinkle castor or pulverized sugar over the assembled eyefuls.
Reducing the jam( voluntary)
You can use the jam as is and skip the step where it’s reduced and thickened on the cookstove with the sludge flour.
I prefer a thicker jam where it sets to a firm thickness when cooled. To achieve this thickness, the jam and sludge flour need to be hotted
on the cookstove for a many twinkles and cooled before piping onto the baked eyefuls.
If you prefer to reduce and cake the jam
toast the jam in a small pot on medium heat for 1 nanosecond. As the jam warms, it becomes weaker and further liquid.
Add the sludge flour/ cornstarch directly into the heated jam and whisk continuously for 4 twinkles until thickened.
Allow the heated and reduced jam to cool before piping it into the bakedcookies.However, the warm jam will beget the piped buttercream to melt, If it isn’t cooled before using.
To make the buttercream
In a coliseum beat the adulation or shortening for 2 twinkles until ethereal and softened.
Gradationally add the powdered sugar and continue to beat this admixture until smooth, delicate, and well- combined.

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