Stuffed dumplings

Here is a good recipe for fluffy and light soufflés:

♨️2 and a half glasses of flour (my glass contains 120g)

♨️1 tsp of salt

♨️5 cases of oil

♨️1 rounded case of baker’s yeast (the equivalent of 10g)

♨️1 case of sugar

♨️2 tbsp of powdered milk

♨️1 egg

♨️100g of lukewarm milk + 40g to collect the dough.


In a bowl pour the lukewarm milk + the yeast + the sugar (wait for it to form bubbles)

Pour the flour + salt into a bowl, add the oil and rub between your hands.

Add the egg white, powdered milk and the yeast + sugar + milk mixture.

Add lukewarm milk (40 g) until it forms a ball (the dough should be soft)

Knead by hand or in a mixer, until it becomes smooth.

Cover and let double in volume.

Degas, spread out on a flour surface.

Form circles the size you want, lay out the stuffing, fold over one side to form a turnover without forgetting to wet the edges before closing, press well with a fork to prevent them from opening during cooking.

Brown with the egg yolk + 1 teaspoon of oil (for shine) and a little milk.

Decorate with sesame seeds, poppies …….

Bake at 180 °, once the sides are golden, light on the top, until a nice color is obtained.

For the filling of your choice.

I put minced meat onions that I sautéed + olives + melted and grated cheese (salt, pepper, parsley)

Baking at 180 ° for 20 minutes in a preheated oven, turn on high to get a nice color.

Good achievement.

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