Stuffed Mexican Shells recipe

Stuffed Mexican Shells -A delicious combination of Mexican flavors and flavorsfloor red meat and cheese, it is a dinner all and sundry will love !

These filled Mexican shells are a playful twist at the traditional Italian-fashion filled shells, normally filled with a mixture of cheese, crowned with marinara sauce and crowned with mozzarella cheese.

Instead, those shells are full of a combination of ground red meat and cream cheese, cooked in a drizzle of enchiladas and salsa, all crowned with cheddar cheese.

  • Ingredients :

° 1 pound beef ground (or ground turkey)1 package low-sodium taco seasoning
° four oz. cream cheese
° 20 jumbo pasta shells (approximately 6 ounces)
° 1 half of c. salsa
° 1 c. taco sauce
° 1 c. Cheddar cheese (or use only one type of cheese)
° 1 c. monterey jack cheese
° three green onions
° bitter cream

  • Directions :

Step 1: Prepare the oven. Heat it to 350 degrees.
Step 2: Cook the minced meat in a frying pan till it turns brown. Add taco seasoning and put together in line with the instructions at the package. Now adding cream cheese also cowl pan with lid. Let the whole lot simmer till the cheese melts. Stir properly till mixed and set apart to chill completely.
Step three: Meanwhile, cook pasta in line with package instructions. Drain whilst done. Place the crust in my opinion on a slicing board or baking sheet.
Step four: Into the lowest of a 9″ x 13″ baking dish, pour the sauce. With 1-2 tablespoons of meat combination, stuff every crust and place open face on organized plate. Pour the taco sauce in order that it evenly covers the filled crust. Using aluminum foil, region a tent at the plate. Place withinside the preheated oven and bake for 15 to twenty mins.
Step 5: Remove the lid after 15 to 20 mins and sprinkle the grated cheese over it. And resume baking for every other 5-10 mins till the cheese has melted. We take them out of the oven whilst they’re cooked and, if desired, garnish with green onions or olives. Enjoy including sour cream and/or sauce.

Enjoy !

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