The Best Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake

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This No-Bake Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake is a nostalgic bite of bright orange and creamy vanilla, reminiscent of those long-gone summer days of your childhood.

This Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake combines a childhood favorite – creamsicles, along with the creamy, dreamy cheesecake. You couldn’t ask for a better pairing. Especially since this is a no-bake treat!

I know summer is mostly over for everyone else (not in Phoenix!), but this isn’t one of those desserts that needs to be limited to a certain time of the year – it’s perfect any time!

As much as I love a good classic cheesecake, I also appreciate the ease of a no-bake cheesecake. I have quite a few variations on my blog (you’ll find them linked below). Today, I’m adding this No-Bake Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake to the dessert file!

I love making no bake cheesecakes. They are so simple to make and always tastes so delicious. During the summer months, I am one who does not like to turn on my oven. So no bake desserts are always best. No need to heat up the house or myself, ha ha. Light and fruity desserts are always great when warm weather hits. I serve them when we have our summer BBQ’s. If you need a great summer dessert for a potluck, picnic, or BBQ, you will want to make this. Trust me…. everyone will LOVE it!

3-4 + 1 c powder sugar
3 8oz boxes of cream cheese softened
3 8oz boxes of cream cheese softened
2 c heavy whipping cream +1 c for the topping
1 4 oz box of orange flavored jello
1 C boiling water
1 orange zested
1-3 tsp + 1-3 tsp for the topping of vanilla extract
1 disposable piping bag with star tip

if doing the cookie crust preheat oven to 360F and spray the inside of an 7 -inch springform cheesecake pan with baking spray then follow the directions on the cookie mix until you have the cookie batter
take the batter and press it down into the prepared pan as you would a regular crust then bake for roughly 12 – 15 minutes until the cookie crust is lightly browned
remove and set aside
in a large mixing bowl beat cream cheese until smooth
mix in the 3-4 c powder sugar
in a medium bowl combine the jello with the boiling water and whisk until completely dissolved set aside zest the orange and set aside
using a standing mixer whip on medium speed the heavy whipping cream 1-2 c powder sugar and vanilla until stiff peaks form
add 1-3 of the whipped cream into the cooled jello and whisk until combined
fold the remaining whipped cream in with the cream cheese mixture
Spread 1-3 of the cream cheese mixture onto the crust
spread about 3 c of the orange mixture onto the cream cheese mixture
slowly and carefully spread the remaining of the cream cheese mixture
place into the fridge to set over night
using a standing mixture whip together the 1 c heavy whipping cream 1-2 c powder sugar and 1-3 tsp vanilla extract until stiff peaks form
scoop into the piping bag and pipe small dollops around the edge of the pie


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