Triple chocolate cheesecake


For the crust:

125 g crumbled chocolate cookies

1/2 teaspoon coffee cinnamon

60 g melted butter

For garnish:

4 tablespoons of water

1 tablespoon of gelatin

375 g of cream cheese

125 ml milk

1/2 cup of sugar

60 g white chocolate, melted

60 g milk chocolate , melted

60 g dark chocolate, melted

1 cup of whipped cream


Line a 20 cm mold with parchment paper.

In a terrine, combine the crumbled cookies, cinnamon and melted butter, press into the bottom of the mold and refrigerate for 20 minutes until firm.

Swell the gelatin in cold water, dissolve over a container filled with hot water or in the microwave. Beat cream cheese witth electric mixer until creamy.

Add milk and sugar, beat to combine.

Divide the mixture into three equal parts, gently fold in the melted white chocolate in one part, the milk chocolate in the second and the dark chocolate in the last. Distribute the gelatin evenly in each of the portions, distribute the whipped cream evenly between the preparations.

Spread white chocolate mixture over crust, carefully cover with milk chocolate mixture, followed by dark chocolate mixture.

Keep in the fridge for 3 hours until firm. Decorate with whipped cream and chocolates.

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