Butterscotch Cake with Caramel Icing

Mmmmm, when you bit into it, it feels like melting in your mouth !! Just follow the recipe as directed and you’ll have a cake that taste awesome and is a treat to the eyes as well!


– Caster sugar: 200 g

– Eggs: 4

– Butter: 200 g

– Flour: 240 g

– Baking powder: 1 sachet

– Vanilla flavoring: 2 tablespoons

Salted butter caramel :

– Sugar cubes: 15

– Water: 10 cl

– Salted butter: 30 g

– Sour cream: 4 tablespoons


STEP 1 :
To begin with, you should put your oven to preheat to 180 ° c (thermostat 6), then butter and flour a square (or round) mold. And please melt butter.

STEP 2 :
Then you’re going to get a bowl and pour in the sugar and the eggs, and don’t forgrt to whisk until it turns white.

STEP 3 :
You’ll want to add the melted butter, beating for 60 seconds.

STEP 4 :
You can then add the flour / baking powder mixture and beat for about 2 minutes.

STEP 5 :
Once done, pour into a mold and cook for 45 min to 1 hour, or until the tip of the knife comes out dry. After the specified time has passed, unmold on a wire rack and let cool before consuming.

STEP 6 :
Finally, for salted butter caramel, put together the sugar and water in a saucepan over high heat. Remove from heat after the caramelization (dark blond).

STEP 7 :
Make sure to add the salted butter and mix.

STEP 8 :
Alright now, you can return to low heat and add the 4 tablespoons of crème fraîche, mixing until the cream is smooth. As soon as the caramel is ready, you can coat the vanilla cake with it.

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