Woow, these crisy, fried Egg Roll Wrappers are Better Than Takeout ! Believe me, once you make these simple yet delicious CRAB RANGOON EGG ROLLS the first time, just get ready to be asked to make it all the time, and did I mention? They’re an absolute game day, party favorite!


° Spinach: 350 g

° Eggs Seasoning: 4

° Salt

° Black pepper

° Sunflower oil


  1. In the beginning, wash the spinach then chop it. After that, beat the eggs in a bowl.
  2. Make sure to mix together the spinach and eggs. You’ll want to add salt and black pepper and mix everything.
  3. Next, apply a layer of sunflower oil in a preheated pan. Alright, pour in half of the egg and spinach mixture. You can then flatten and fry over low temperature.
  4. Now that the mixture is solid, you need to roll up one side so that you get a roll. And please make another roll in a similar fashion.
  5. The last step to make is is to fry both rolls over high heat for a while so that the eggs are cooked. Serve & ENJOY !!!!
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