Easy Sopapilla Cheesecake Dessert

You have never had such cheesecake bars. Inspired by the famous Mexican pastry, the Supabella Cheesecake Bars are a cinnamon and sugar cheesecake that features a sweet and crunchy cheese filling and crescent crust. These subabella bars are seriously good, and seriously easy to make. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Rich and creamy Easy Supabella cheesecake inspired by popular Mexican pastries. This simple dessert is made with a thick, sweet cheesecake between crust crust with a hint of cinnamon sugar.

I’m a fan of Mexican food through … from enchiladas and easy chicken fajitas to delicate sobabella, I love them all. So, when I get the chance to take another favorite food (it’s cheesecake, if you haven’t guessed) and mix it with my favorite Mexican dessert … good things happen.

But the funny thing is that I was told that Sopapillas were a Mexican dessert but there are also people who claim that Sopapillas originated in New Mexico.

  • What is Sopapilla ?

Subabella are a crunchy fried pastry usually served with honey or syrup.

This easy cheesecake recipe Supabella is one of the best cheesecakes I have ever made. Although you can make subabella cheesecake pie, this recipe is made in a 13 ” x 9 ” baking dish so it should really be called Supabella Cheesecake bars because it’s cut into squares … or rectangles … or whatever What hurts your mood at that time.

  • Ingredients :

° 2 Packs (8 oz) Rolls Crescent Rolls

° 2 packages (8 ounces) of cream cheese, room temperature

° 1 cup sugar

° 1 teaspoon vanilla

° 1/4 cup butter (melted)

° 1 tablespoon cinnamon

° 4 tablespoons of sugar

° honey

  • Directions :

Pre–heat stove ( Oven )350 degrees. )

Spraying a 9 * 13 baking plate with cooking Spray.

Press a tray of crescent roll onto the bottom of the plate, making sure to reach the edges and keep them together.

Bake the first layer of crescent roll dough until soft, maybe 5-8 minutes. (Optional, this way I make sure it’s done. I don’t like raw dough)

Combine soft cheese, sugar and vanilla.

The mixture is distributed over the crescent coils.

Roll the remaining crescent roll onto the top, stretch to the edges and seal.

Grease the top of the crescent roll with the melted butter.

Enjoy !

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