Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake Cones

I have to go straight to the store because my kids are closing again for a while. Cheesecake made in the Instant Pot is refreshed by the #1 frozen yogurt block! Crunchy strawberry cheesecake is soft and full of strawberry flavor

  • Ingredients :

4 people

+For the cones
° 125g Butter
° 125g Sugar
° 2 eggs
° 125g Flour
° 80g Crushed hazelnuts
Calories = High
For garnish
° 500g Strawberries
° 1tbsp. lemon juice
° 80g Icing sugar
° 40cl very cold liquid cream
° 1 vanilla pod
Calories = High

  • Preparation steps :

Preheat the oven th. 6 (180 ° C). Line baking sheet with paper parchment. Melt the butter over low heat. Beat the eggs in a bowl with the sugar until they turn white, stir in the flour and melted butter.

Place teaspoons of dough widely spaced on the parchment paper. With the back of the spoon, roll out circles 8 or 10 cm in diameter. Sprinkle each round with hazelnuts and bake for 8 to 10 minutes.

The tiles should be just brown around the edges. Right out of the oven, peel them off and roll them into cones. Place them in small glasses to keep their shape as they cool.

Rinse and hull the strawberries. Mix half with 40 g of icing sugar and lemon juice.

Cut the other strawberries into quarters. Split the vanilla pod and scrape its seeds in the liquid cream. Whip it into a firm whipped cream, incorporate the rest of the icing sugar.

Fill the cones with vanilla whipped cream, garnish with pieces of strawberries, decorate with crushed hazelnuts and serve with the strawberry coulis on the side.

Enjoy !

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