Why The Leg Cramps During The Night And How To Stop This For Good?

In most cases, there is no clear underlying cause for leg cramps, and it is believed that they may result from muscle fatigue and nerve dysfunction, without knowing how the cramp occurred. The list of possible causes for leg cramps includes:

Sleep method: Sleeping in a certain way can lead to cramps in the feet, for example, pulling the foot out and shortening the calf muscles can lead to night cramps. Practice:

Exhaustion or prolonged use of the muscles may cause a leg cramp during or after the end of the effort, and it should be noted that cramps often affect athletes, especially at the beginning of a workout. Dehydration: Athletes who do vigorous exercise in hot weather can have leg cramps. Metabolic problems occur:

We mention the following:

Acute renal failure

Addison’s disease, which is caused by adrenal insufficiency,

And anemia,

And chronic kidney disease (in English: chronic kidney disease),

Cirrhosis, hyperthyroidism and cirrhosis.

Hypothyroidism (in English: Hypothyroidism),

And diabetes (in English: Diabetes) type I and II.

Infection with some diseases and health problems: We mention, including: sarcoidosis,

Muscle fatigue.

Motor neuron problems. Parkinson’s disease.

The following tips can help prevent leg cramps:

Drink plenty of fluids: Drinking plenty of fluids helps the muscles perform their normal function, especially during exercise, so it is advised to drink half a liter per hour for a person weighing 80 kg approximately three to four hours before exercise, and it is also recommended to drink drinks that contain sodium. Or eat small amounts of salted snacks, or foods containing sodium to stimulate thirst and maintain the amount of fluid consumed.

Leg lengthening: Tightening the calf and hamstrings before bedtime can reduce nighttime leg cramps.

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