8 surprising uses for Vodka

Vodka is a strong alcohol that you are already familiar with. We all know it’s a drink, but did you know it has other capabilities (outside of making us feel good) ?

The reason behind this habit may surprise you. Keep reading and discover 8 uses of vodka you probably didn’t think of :

  • Foot deodorant. Stinky feet are worst. Solving probleme with a naturale deodorant : vodka . Digest advise mixing vodka with water & employing a spraying bottle to cleanning smelly shoes .
  • Removing bad odors from laundry . If you’re outside in a smoke-filled bar and don’t want to wash your clothes from the night before, spray it with vodka and hang it in a well-ventilated area, as recommended by this old house.
  • Poison ivy treatment. Hiking in the summer means an increased risk of poison ivy. If you find yourself with a nasty rash, follow Reader’s Digest advice and pour vodka directly onto the skin to cleanse out toxic oils.
  • Cooling capacity of fish jelly. If you get stung by jellyfish, Esquire recommends pouring vodka over the sting to cleanse the area and soothe the pain.
  • Insect repellent. Don’t waste your money OFF ! Mix it with fresh basil, lavender, or any other sweet-smelling herbs and oils to counteract the harsh smell.
  • We all love to have flowers. It’s a shame they wilt quickly. To keep the flowers fresh for longer, mix a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar in the water of the flower pot.
  • Calm muscle pain. While drinking after a workout might make you sick, this old house says kneading sore muscles with a bag full of water and frozen vodka to a slush-like consistency can seem like a miracle.
  • Remove upholstery stains. Is that old stain on your sofa driving you crazy ? Time to remove it . This old house suggests using a clean cloth dipped in vodka to wipe off the stain .

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